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Digital rendering of the ICON solar house kitchenThe kitchen of the Icon Solar House is a full kitchen with many Energy Star rated appliances. The cabinets that run the full length of the house also extend into the kitchen. A pantry that slides out from the side saves space, while the integrated fridge, freezer, and dishwasher seamlessly sit as part of the cabinets. In addition to the energy saving aspects of our appliances, they are also highly efficient at saving water. Further, our cabinets use no-formaldehyde in the particle board, and also recycled glass countertops. The kitchen itself has many dynamic views out to the porch and deck areas. A full wall of windows that wrap around the kitchen work space help to naturally light activities. In addition, several of the windows contain the electrochromic glass that helps to reduce heat gain in the summer, and also reduce glare on work surfaces. To the north of the kitchen, the bathroom is also tucked behind the cabinets, and can have a sliding panel act to create privacy. In threshold space before the bathroom, the washer and dryer, stacked, sit integrated in the cabinets as well. Our bathroom has low flow shower and sink fixtures, as well as a low flow toilet. And, despite the small house, the bathroom has a full height medicine cabinet for additional storage of toiletries.

Dining Room

Digital rendering of the ICON solar house kitchenWorking with only 800 square feet, our team wanted the ICON Solar House to still seem like a comfortable home. The first space you encounter once you enter through the front door on the north side is the living room. Here the west wall has a small window that has electrochromic glass, which self-tints with a little bit of electricity. This glass helps reduce solar heat gain in the summer afternoons, and also reduces glare. The main living space has a couch that can seat 3, and several bench seats that also have storage below. These seats are arranged around a 32" LCD TV that uses very minimal energy. On your right, or on the north side, there is a work space with a desk and enough room for computers and various other AV equipment. This work space can be easily lit with daylight throughout most of the day. High above the living room, there are a series of 3 motor operated clerestory windows that help aid passive ventilation and daylighting. Overall, we hope you find the living room to be a very functional and comfortable space.

Living Room

Digital rendering of the ICON solar house kitchenThe dining room of the Icon Solar House is connected to the living room directly. In order to give the 800 square foot house a spacious feel, the dining room, living room, and kitchen are all one large space. To help the dining room, as well as the other rooms, feel like a defined space, elements like our structural trusses, and the arrangement of furniture and lighting are used strategically. Our dining room has an adjustable dining table that can seat anywhere from 4 people, or extend to seat 8. The chairs are designed to fold and hang on the east wall of the dining room. Also, in the dining room, as well as the living room, there are three large, operable windows that help maintain visual connection to the south deck and help with passive ventilation in the summer and passive heating in the winter. To the north of the dining room, you can see our bed alcove, which can be given more privacy by the sliding panels that act as doors. The bed alcove, a private space, is strongly defined by a long length of cabinets that run east to west in the house. These cabinets serve as storage, building in hanging rod storage as well as shelving for the bedroom. In addition, the cabinets serve to integrate many ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting functions.